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Thanks for visiting our website. We have two Sunday Gatherings  - Warrawong (9am) and Port Kembla (4pm).  There is live music, clear bible teaching, and loving fellowship at both. Kids church is provided at Port Church. We believe that church is for everyone, especially people who don't have it all together. Whoever you are, we will welcome you, love you and teach you about Jesus. We look forward to meeting you in person soon.


one lord

Jesus of Nazareth was a preacher who worked in Israel about 2000 years ago. The earliest accounts of his life (the four gospels) are based on the eyewitness testimony of his followers.


Jesus was raised on the Jewish scriptures where God had promised to rule over and bless his people one day by sending someone called "the Christ". Jesus taught that he was the fulfillment of the Jewish scriptures. Jesus claimed to be the Christ. He performed many miracles, taught about God's kingdom, and condemned the religious leaders of his day for failing to recognize who he was. Some believed in him and some didn't.


Eventually, he was betrayed by a close friend and executed on a Roman cross. It looked as though he wouldn't be blessing anyone. It looked as though he'd been lying.

But this was the plan all along. Jesus secured God's blessing by dying for the sins of his people and then God raised him from the dead in order to crown him Lord of all. Jesus then appeared to his followers and sent them out to spread the news of his kingdom around the world. Christians are people who follow the risen Lord Jesus. We are citizens of his kingdom and benefactors of his blessings - we are forgiven, we have new life in God's family, we are free from sin's tyranny, we are loved by God, belong to God, are upheld by God and wait with eager expectation for the eternal joys of heaven. This is who we are. This is our story. This is our end.

Whoever you are and whatever your story, we pray that you will join us, share your life with us, and come to know Jesus as your savior and lord as well.


We belong to the Sydney Anglican Diocese and are subject to governance structures that create safe spaces to share our life together. If you are interested in finding out more about the safeguards and governance structures that our church has in place, please speak with our staff.

mike turner

Lead Pastor




Assistant Pastor


I became a Christian after throwing a mug at my brother. If you want to find out what a flying mug has to do with Jesus - come to church.

I graduated from Moore College at the end of 2021 and moved to Port Kembla with my wife and three kids in March 2022. I look forward to meeting you!

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