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We're a small and welcoming church. People will talk to you and help you to get plugged into the life of the church. This is a good thing but we understand that meeting new people can be daunting and we'll try not to overwhelm you or pressure you into joining us. We have dinner together on the second Sunday of every month and the food is out of this world.

wE love the bible AND PRAYER

You'll notice pretty quickly that the bible is important for us. We read it, sing it, preach it and seek to obey it. That's because the Bible is the Word of God, about Jesus, made alive in the hands of the Holy Spirit. In short, we love the Bible because we love God and that's the way God speaks today. 

Prayer is the most fundamental activity of the Christian because the Christian person trusts God. It's the bedrock of our lives and we devote time to it whenever we gather.


All Christians belong to God, love Jesus, and are being transformed by the Spirit, but it may be useful to know that we are evangelical and reformed anglicans (means nothing to you? That's fine). Basically, we give God all the credit for salvation and every good thing, we belong to the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, our gatherings make use of some Anglican liturgy, and our pastors were trained at Moore Theological College.


As people who are ruled by God's Word, we reject sexism, racism, transgenderism, the practice of homosexuality, greed, envy, and everything that is contrary to God's Word. These things (and many more besides) are the result of humanity's rebellion against their creator God.


We do not condemn or hate people who continue to practice such things but we do not approve of their behaviour either. It is possible to genuinely love, value, welcome, and cherish people without affirming what they do or believe.


Complementarianism is the idea that men and women are equal but different by design. Sadly, western culture wants to minimize these differences. Our church wants to unapologetically and creatively embrace them.

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