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Join us at one of our groups to take a deep dive into who Jesus is and what he means for your life. We look forward to hearing from you!

321 Course

May 6 - JESUS

May 13 - GOD

May 20 - WORLD

May 27 - YOU

321 is a video-based course designed to spark honest conversations about Jesus, God, and the meaning of life. Held in a living room, dessert and drinks are provided. All welcome. No question off limits.

LOCATION:           111 Military Road

                              Port Kembla

TIME:                     7:30-9:00pm


Good News Course




Oct 27 - DEATH

Nov 3 - CROSS

Nov 10 - LIFE

Nov 17 - CHOICE


The Good News Course is a video-based course on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. You will receive a copy of Luke's gospel, a course booklet, and a short overview of the Christian gospel. Held in a home, all people and questions welcome.

LOCATION:              111 Military Road

                                 Port Kembla

TIME:                        7:30-9:00pm


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