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Sunday Gatherings

Warrawong                  9:00am

Port Kembla                 4:00pm

Good Friday                9:00am


Parking? Both sites have onsite parking.

Length? A little over an hour.

Clothes? Yes. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. 

What happens? Generally speaking, we greet one another, sing some songs, pray, read the bible, listen to a 20-25 minute sermon and consider our response as a church and as individuals.

Kids? Absolutely. A parent's room is available at Warrawong. Kids Church is provided at Port Church. About 15 mins in to the main gathering, we ask parents to take kids into the church hall. We are serious about providing quality care for your kids so you can fully engage in the service. Please check your kid/s in with their name/s and your contact number upon arrival.

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